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KEES Vacation Rentals® strives everyday to accomplish a single goal; DELIVERING VALUE. This value applies to timeshare and vacation home and condo owners that list their ownership for rent with us and the guests that purchase vacation rentals through us. KEES understands the needs of the owner and the needs of the vacationer. We understand your expectations. We will use our decades of experience in the hotel, timeshare, and condominium business to maximize your rental potential.

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How does it work & other FAQ’s:

1. Why should you use KEES and what sets KEES apart from the competition?

A. Kees is innovative in every aspect of the vacation rental business. We’ll give you 3 quick examples:

    A) From a sales/marketing standpoint; Our roots are in the specialty lodging sector, namely resorts. We utilize cutting edge technologies to get your owned property in distribution channels where the consumer typically goes to find lodging accommodations. This is not the “typical” send your printed brochure out to the same mailing list you have used for the last 10 years approach.

    B) From a service standpoint; There is no “check in” with KEES. No waiting in lines on a Saturday afternoon after dealing with traffic. The rental guest goes directly to your rental property. We utilize a revolutionary door lock system that is code based similar to a hotel system. The rental guest is emailed their 7 digit door code 48 hours prior to the check in date and that code begins working at check in time on the check in day. Conversely, the code stops working at check out time on the check out day. Our housekeeping team is there ready to prepare for the next guest.

    C) From a business standpoint; We basically “give” you housekeeping services at our cost. Where are profits lie are in the management/rental fee. This puts the pressure on us to perform. We are not relying on charging you added housekeeping and maintenance to keep up our bottom line.

2. How do you generate rental bookings?
  A. Unlike other rental companies KEES will only accept weeks fromvacation home/condo owners at resorts that we have a relationship with. We do this so that that we can ensure the best possible service to the owners and rental guests. KEES will utilize numerous online booking engines through our network of partners and our own inbound reservations call center. 

3. Is there any guarantee?
  A. Unfortunately no. What we can guarantee is that we will do our very best to provide you with the best possible service.

4. How do you determine rental rates?
  A. Rental rates are determined by the market and the rental product. Factors considered are; time of year, special events in the area, amenities of the resort, and the size/type of unit.

5. Does Kees take care of the housekeeping and maintenance of my property?
  A. Yes. Kees will coordinate housekeeping and maintenance to ensure that your property is perfect for the next guest. Kees will also institute preventive maintenance and cleaning schedules.

6. How does Kees report and pay me? 
  A. You will receive a full set of reports and rental proceeds every month. These reports will detail all transactions in your property along with prior years history if it is available.


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