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With KEES FlexStay™

KEES Vacations® is the premier source for booking stays at timeshares, vacation rental properties, resorts, condos or hotels on the east coast from Maryland to the Bahamas. We offer a variety of accommodations from hotel rooms to 24 bedroom homes.

With KEES Vacations® FlexStay™, you no longer have to stay a full week in a traditional timeshare and vacation rentals markets. We strive to make your vacation memorable no matter how long the getaway. From the mountains of Virginia to the beaches of Key West, we have the vacation for you!


  • The Art of Vacation Planning

    Yes, it IS an art.Your spouse wants to be near the Sound, so he can bring his boat and/or do some fishing.The kids want to be close to the beach.Your parents and/or in-laws just want peace and quiet.The only totally agreeable one in the whole bunch is the dog.BUT, with a little patience and...

  • KEES Outer Banks

    Anyone who has ever traveled to the Outer Banks during the summer months knows the traffic backups are legendary. It is not unusual for what would normally be a 4-hour drive turn into 6-hour nightmare or even more just battling all the other vacationers on the road. This is because “turnover”...