Virginia Beach has miles of sand and surf to enjoy, heritage sites and state parks to explore, and a hotel-lined boardwalk to stroll along.

Rent a bicycle from one of the local companies and ride the three mile (4.8 kilometer) long boardwalk. Fishing fans can drop a line from the pier jutting out into the Atlantic. If you are looking for an extra bit of fun, jump on the Ferris wheel at the retro Beach Amusement Pier or take a dip at the Ocean Breeze Waterpark.

Lie in the warm sand or go surfing at the beach where the East Coast Surfing Championship is held each year in August. This is one of the longest-running surfing contests in the world and is one of the United States Surfing Federation’s major amateur events.

The city’s not all beach, though, and if you wander away from town, you’ll find lush wildlife trails and thousands of acres of parks and waterways to explore. Go hiking at First Landing and Back Bay State Parks or take a kayak up the bay waterways to see marshland and wildlife refuges.