KEES Vacations


KEES Vacations® is a hospitality management and vacation rental company. It all started because the vacation rental and timeshare rental markets only offered weekly stays. KEES Vacations® saw this as an opportunity to offer travelers more accessibility to these accommodation for a short-term or partial stay. We believe everyone deserves a vacation no matter the length.

KEES Vacations® believes in providing quality accommodation for our guests and taking care of our properties for our owners. We strive to give each the best experience possible in hospitality management. Our timeshare rental properties are managed by our partners GOODMANagement and we work closely to take care of both owners and guests.

The Outer Banks has always been a different type of vacation allowing families, friends and travelers to visit but only for a weeklong stay. KEES Vacations® changed the way people travel to the Outer Banks with FlexStay™. Our FlexStay™ option allows guests to check in any day of the week with no seven night minimums. On the Outer Banks we offer a variety of accommodations from hotel rooms to 24 bedroom homes. KEES Vacations® offers signature amenities and concierge services on the Outer Banks to make your vacation stress free.